Acoustic Coverings

Great Results

Sound can be dampen up to 90% when our acoustic coverings are installed jointly with an insulation core. Contact us to receive our AcousticTestResult.pdf

Micro-perforated Coverings

Our coverings can be micro-perforated. With up to 25 000 micro-perforations per sf, they have a good sound transparency. The perforations allow the sound to travel through the covering easily (instead of being reflected) and get trapped behind into the core.

Insulation Cores

We promote eco-friendly cores (instead of fiberglass) made of recycled cotton. They exist in various thickness offering NRC results from 0.85 to 1.15. Our tension system  creates a tiny gap between the covering and the wall or ceiling surface who can be as little as 1/8” or made much wider on purpose to install the core of your choice.

Reducing the noise is a level of comfort we can help you achieve beautifully!

  1. restaurants

  2. meeting rooms

  3. offices in industrial spaces

  4. multi-units apartments

  5. home theater

  6. kids room

  7. rehearsal studios etc.

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Decorative Solutions

Smart Motions

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