Recyclable Coverings & Insulation Material

All our coverings are made of recyclable materials (cotton, polyester etc). Most of them are totally free of chlorine. When doing acoustic installations, we suggest materials made of recycled cottons instead of fiber-glass.

Good Forest Management

The suppliers contributing to the manufacturing of the drop paper are certified for the good management of their forest reserves.

Little Energy & Waste

Our coverings are very lightweight, need little packaging & energy to be transported. Almost no excess material is wasted at installation.

Clean Printing (no VOC’s)

We print with UV inks who does not release VOC’s (volatile organic components). It’s safe for both people & the environment.

Clean Installation

Most of the time no prep-work (no sanding, primer, plaster, adhesive...) is necessary before tensioning our coverings. Your space remains free of debris, dust, chemicals and smell.

(Our name tells we care for the planet!)

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Decorative Solutions

Smart Motions

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