Installation Services

An Original Tension System

with no prep-work, no glue, no water, no mess!

  1. -How it works: we install a little framing on the perimeter of the wall or ceiling. We fasten the covering into the framing groove and tension it flawlessly edge to edge. The tension is very strong and maintains the covering 1/8” in front of the surface. The framing allows a perfect finish, like an artwork.

  1. -Allows lights & fixtures: we can accommodate lights, fans, sprinklers, speakers, switches, grates etc. through the covering. The intervention of an electrician or another specialist may occasionally be necessary.

  1. -Covering is removable: it can be unclip from the framing, packed and re-installed somewhere else if you move out.

  1. -No prep-work: most of the time there’s no need for sanding, primer, plaster, adhesive as the covering is not in contact with the wall/ceiling surface. We use only few screws & hand tools to perform the installation which keeps your space free of debris, dust, chemicals and smell.

  1. -Fast: covering is generally installed in one session & few hours. No need to move out. This is a real savings in time & logistic.

  1. -Acoustic insulation / Backlit Atmosphere: we can install sound insulation material behind the covering or create a frame & add some lighting for a backlit decor.

We provide

Installation Services

Our tension system is simple in concept but requires professional installation.

Therefore we make it easy for you! With our partner Billard Custom we travel in all the US to install your personal walls & ceilings coverings.

Next Step: more on our tension system or check

                  our coverings technical specifications.

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